Does Mio Have Caffeine?

Mio is a popular brand of liquid water enhancers that come in a variety of flavors. But with multiple product lines available, many wonder – does Mio have caffeine or not? The short answer is – Yes, only the Mio Energy line, which contains 60mg per serving to give you an energy boost. All other Mio flavors are caffeine-free.

An Overview of Mio’s Product Lines

Mio has four main product lines:

  • Mio Original – The original Mio flavors like Lemonade, Fruit Punch, etc. These have no caffeine.
  • Mio Vitamins – Flavored enhancers with added B vitamins. Also caffeine-free.
  • Mio Sport – Formulated for athletes with electrolytes. Does not contain caffeine.
  • Mio Energy – The only line with caffeine, containing 60mg per serving.

So caffeine is only found in Mio’s Energy line, which markets itself as an energy boosting alternative to coffee or energy drinks.

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How Much Caffeine in Mio Energy?

  • Mio Energy has 60mg of caffeine per serving
  • One serving is 1/2 teaspoon mixed with 8 oz of water
  • A whole 1.62 oz bottle has 18 servings
  • So a full bottle has approximately 1,080mg of caffeine

To put that caffeine content into context:

  • An 8 oz cup of coffee has 95-200mg caffeine
  • A can of Red Bull has 80mg
  • A can of Coke has 34mg

So while a single serving of Mio Energy is less than a Red Bull, drinking a whole bottle would provide over 1,000mg of caffeine total.

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Flavors of Mio Energy

There are 8 flavors of Mio Energy:

  • Black Cherry
  • Green Thunder
  • Acai Berry Storm
  • Tropical Fusion
  • Wicked Blue Citrus
  • Strawberry Pineapple Smash
  • Cafe Latte
  • Mocha Java

All flavors contain 60mg caffeine per serving, as well as a blend of taurine, guarana extract, and ginseng.

Is Mio Bad For You?

Apart from the Energy line, most Mio products themselves are caffeine-free and safe for most people when used moderately.

However, there are some downsides to using flavored enhancers like Mio frequently:

  • Artificial sweeteners: Mio is sweetened with sucralose and acesulfame potassium rather than real sugar. There are mixed opinions on whether these are harmful.
  • Artificial colors & flavors: Mio uses artificial rather than natural flavors and colors. Some studies connect artificial additives to health issues.
  • Acidic: Can erode tooth enamel over time, especially if sipped slowly.
  • Not as hydrating: Water is best for hydration. The flavor and acids in Mio may undermine hydration capacity slightly.

So while Mio can make drinking more water easier thanks to the flavor, plain water is generally healthier overall. Mio is fine in moderation, but shouldn’t replace all water consumption.

The Bottom Line

Does Mio have caffeine? Yes, only the Mio Energy line, which contains 60mg per serving to give you an energy boost. All other Mio flavors are caffeine-free.

So while other Mio flavors can add some variety to your water, don’t expect an energy kick from anything besides the distinctive Mio Energy bottles. Check the label to determine if caffeine is present before purchasing Mio.

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